bikeSauce is a 100% volunteer-run DIY bike repair space and community hub located at 341 Broadview Avenue in Toronto. Our mission is simple: offer a space where you can fix your own bicycle using our tools and parts while receiving help from our volunteers. It is also a social space where you can come and meet with your neighbours and figure out how to improve our city.

Last week’s #tooltuesday too hard? You’ll cycle to victory with this one

Welp, looks like we stumped a lot of you with last week’s #tooltuesday. The correct we were looking for was ‘dropout alignment tool’. Find out how it works.

Ready for this week’s challenge? Here we go!


It’s a pedal wrench!

The pedal wrench is just a 15mm wrench but with a few superpowers. It’s thinner than a conventional wrench, allowing it to slip into even the smallest of gaps.…

We’ve got a winner and a new #tooltuesday challenge!

We’ve got a winner and a new #tooltuesday challenge!

WOW, what an awesome response! Thank you everyone for playing #tooltuesday last week. The correct answer we were looking for was ‘chainbreaker’.

OK. Last week we gave you an easy one, but this week it’s gonna be a real challenge as it’s a home-made tool. Content closes next Tuesday and as before, responses can be made on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or in the comments below and you can only guess once each week.…

Let’s play a game called ‘#tooltuesday’

Let’s play a game called ‘#tooltuesday’

Let’s play a game called ‘#tooltuesday’. The game is simple. Every Tuesday we’ll post a photo of a tool that’s commonly used at bikeSauce and you need to tell us what the tool is called and explain how it’s used. We’ll draw a name from all the correct responses and announce the winner during the following week’s #tooltuesday.

Prize! Yes, we’re gonna have prizes… but we haven’t really figured that part out just yet.…