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Advocacy/Urban Design

Book Author
Asphalt Nation: How the Automobile Took Over America and How We Can Take it Back Jane Holtz Kay
Bicycling and the Law: Your Rights as a Cyclist Bob Mionske, JD
Carfree Cities J.H. Crawford
Carfree Design Manual J.H. Crawford
Cities for People Jan Gehl
City Politics: The Political Economy of Urban America (7th ed) Dennis R. Judd and Todd Swanstrom
Cyclist’s Manifesto: The Case for Riding on Two Wheels Instead of Four Robert Hurst
Dark Age Ahead Jane Jacobs
Death and Life of Great American Cities Jane Jacobs
Economy of Cities Jane Jacobs
High Cost of Free Parking, The Donald Shoup
Introduction to Sustainable Transportation: Policy Planning and Implementation Preston L. Schiller, Eric C. Brunn and Jeffrey R. Kenworth
Losing Confidence: Power, Politics and the Crisis in Canadian Democracy Elizabeth May
Lost Art of Walking, The: The History, Science, Philosophy and Literature of Pedestrianism Geoff Nicholson
Moving People: Sustainable Transport Development Peter Cox
Municipal Mind: Manifesto for the Creative City Pier Giorgio Di Cicco
New Economy of the Inner City, The Thomas A. Hutton
Pedaling Revolution: How Cyclists are Changing American Cities) Jeff Mapes
Transport Revolutions: Moving People and Freight Without Oil Richard Gilbert and Anthony Perl
Watch This Space: Designing, Defending and Sharing Public Spaces Hadley Dyer and Marc Ngui


Book Author
All About Bikes and Bicycling (Care, Repair and Safety) Max Alth
Atomic Zombie’s Bicycle Builders Bonanza Brad Graham and Kathy McGowan
Biachi Tipo 20 Owner’s Manual Bianchi
Bicycle Maintenance and Repair (for Road and Mountain Bikes) Todd Downs
Bicycle Manual on Maintenance and Repairs Robert Whiter
Big Blue Book of Bicycle Repair (A Do-It-Yourself Repair Guide From Park Tools) C. Calvin Jones
Bike Repair and Maintenance for Dummies Dennis Bailey and Keith Gates
Coaster and 3-Speed Bicycle Repair Xyzyx Information Corporation
Complete Guide to Bicycle Maintenance and Repair (Bicycling Magazine) Bicycling (eds)
Cyclist BikeList (the Book for Every Rider) Laura Robinson
Derailleur 5, 10 and 15 Speed Bicycle Repair Xyzyx Information Corporation
Falcon Guide Mountain Bike Maintenance Guy Andrews
Multi-Speed Bicycle Owners Manual (Schwinn) Schwinn Cycling and Fitness, Inc.
Park Tool School Instructor Manual
Smashing Bikes Back to Life Jaques Gallant
Zinn and the Art of Road Bike Maintenance (3rd Edition) Lennard Zinn
Zinn’s Cycling Primer (Maintenance Tips and Skill Building for Cyclists) Lennard Zinn


Book Author
City of Toronto Archives Department of the City Clerk Records and Archives Division
Edible City: Toronto’s Food from Farm to Fork Christina Palassio and Alana Wilcox (eds.)
GreenTOpia: Towards a Sustainable Toronto (uTOpia Volume 3) Alana Wilcox, Christina Palassio and Jonny Dovercourt (eds.)
Historical Atlas of Toronto Derek Hayes
HTO: Toronto’s Water from Lake Iroquois Rivers to Low-flow Toilets Wayne Reeves and Christina Palassio (eds.)
I Remember Sunnyside (The Rise and Fall of a Magical Era Mike Filey
Kenk: A Graphic Portrait Alex Jansen, Jason Gilmore, Nick Marinkovich
Ride to Modernity: The Bicycle in Canada, 1869-1900 Glen Norcliffe
Sculpture in the City (Twelve Walks in Downtown Toronto) Helen Nolan
Shape of the Suburbs: Understanding Toronto’s Sprawl John Sewell
State of the Arts, The: Living with Culture in Toronto (uTOpia Volume 2) Alana Wilcox, Christina Palassio and Jonny Dovercourt (eds.)
Stroll: Psychogeographic Walking Tours of Toronto Shawn Micallef
Toronto Album 2: More Glimpses of the City That Was Mike Filey
Toronto on Film Geoff Pevere
Toronto: The Unkown City Howard Akler and Sarah B. Hood
Unbuilt Toronto: A History of the City that Might Have Been Mark Osbaldeston
Union Station: Love, Madness, Sex and Survival on the Streets of the New Toronto Joe Fiorito
Unplanned Suburbs: Toronto’s American Tragedy 1900 to 1950 Richard Harris
uTOpia: Towards a New Toronto Jason McBride and Alana Wilcox (eds.)

Touring / travel

Book Author
Backcountry Biking in the Canadian Rockies Doug Eastcott
Bicycle Diaries David Byrne
Bicycling: Touring and Mountain Bike Basics Peter Oliver
Bike Touring (The Sierra Club Guide to Travel on Two Wheels) Raymond Bridge
Biking Through Europe Dennis and Tina Jaffe
Bruce County Map Book
Cottage Country Ontario Backroad Mapbook (3rd Edition) Backroad Mapbooks
CycleCanada Guide to Bicycle Touring Bud Jorgensen
Essential Touring Cyclist, The (2nd Edition) Richard A. Lovett
Europe by Bike: 18 Tours Geared for Discovery (2nd Ed) Karen and Terry Whitehill
Great Toronto Bicycling Guide (7th Edition) Elliott Katz
Handsomest Man in Cuba, The Lynette Chiang
Hike it, Bike it, Walk it, Drive it Guide to Ottawa, the Gatineau, Kingston and Beyond, The Ann Campbell
Mountain Bike Adventures in Southwest British Columbia: 50 Rides Greg Maurer
Northeastern Ontario Backroad Mapbook (2nd Edition) Backroad Mapbooks
Northwestern Ontario Backroad Mapbook (2nd Ed) Backroad Mapbooks
Ontario Bicycle Touring Atlas
Rider, The Tim Krabbe
Southwestern Ontario Backroad Mapbook (2nd Edition) Backroad Mapbooks
Tour de France Travel Guide Graham Watson
Touring on Two Wheels: The Bicycle Traveler’s Handbook Dennis Coello
Trail Cycling Guide to Southern Ontario Stephen Caulfield
Waterfront Trail and Greenway Mapbook

Sport / training (road)

Book Author
Athletic Woman’s Survival Guide Carol L. Otis and Roger Goldingay
Bicycling for Women Gale Bernhardt
Competitive Cycling Achim Schmidt
Complete Guide to Riding and Racing Techniques (Bicycling Magazine) Fred Matheny
Cycling Anatomy Shannon Sovndal
Cyclist’s Training Bible (4th Edition) Joe Friel
Eating on the Run (2nd Edition) Evelyn Tribole
Off-Season Training Karen Buxton
Racing Tactics for Cyclists Thomas Prehn
Roadie: The Misunderstood World of a Bike Racer Jamie Smith
Serious Cycling Edmund R. Burke
Time Crunched Cyclist, The: Fit, Fast and Powerful in 6 Hours a Week Chris Carmichael
Training Plans for Cyclists Gale Bernhardt
Weight Training for Cyclists: A Total Body Program for Power & Endurance Ken Doyle and Eric Schmitz
Woman’s Guide to Cycling Susan Weaver
Workouts in a Binder for Indoor Cycling Dirk Friel and Wes Hobson

Sport / training (mountain bike; cyclocross)

Book Author
CycloCross: Training and Technique (3rd ed) Simon Burney
Fat Tire: A Celebration of the Mountain Bike Amici Design
Mountain Bike! (A Manual of Beginning to Advanced Technique William Nealy
Mountain Biker’s Training Bible Joe Friel
Rider Mel’s Mountain Bike Guide to Ontario (2nd Edition) Rider Mel
Sloane’s Complete Book of All-Terrain Bicycles Eugene A. Sloane
Ultimate Mountain Bike Book Nicky Crowther


Book Author
Bike Lesson (The Berenstain Bears) Stan and Jan Berenstain
Curious George Rides a Bike H.A. Rey
Extreme Team, The: #7 Wild Ride Matt Christopher
In the Skin of a Lion Michael Ondaatje
Race, The (A Novel of Grit, Tactics, and the Tour de France Dave Shields
Scott Pilgrim’s Precious Little Life Bryan Lee O’Malley
Wheels of Chance, The H.G. Wells

Food and gardening

Book Author
Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: A Year of Food Life Barbara Kingsolver
Apples to Oysters: A Food Lover’s Tour of Canadian Farms Margaret Webb
Food Play Saxton Freymann and Joost Elffers
Food Rules: An Eater’s Manual Michael Pollan
Grow Great Grub: Organic Foods from Small Places Gayla Trail
Growing Stuff: An Alternative Guide to Gardening
Locavore: From Farmer’s Fields to Rooftop Gardens – How Canadian are Changing the Way We Eat Sarah Elton
Omnivore’s Dilemma: A Natural History of Four Meals Michael Pollan
Plenty: Eating Locally on the 100 Mile Diet Alisa Simth and J.B. Mackinnon
Water John Knechtel (ed.)


Book Author
Access All Areas: A User’s Guide to the Art of Urban Exploration Ninjalicious
Bicycling Science (3rd Edition) David Gordon Wilson
Bike Snob Bike Snob NYC
Bikes and Riders James Wagenvoord
Dancing Chain, The: History and Development of the Derailleur Bicycle Frank J. Berto
Don’t Forget the Duct Tape (2nd Edition) Kristin Hostetter
Flying Scotsman: Cycling To Triumph Through My Darkest Hours Graeme Obree
French Revolutions: Cycling the Tour de France Tim Moore
Household Cleaning Self-Sufficiency Rachelle Strauss
Ingenious Mr. Pedersen David E. Evans
Nonprofit Bookkeeping and Accounting for Dummies Sharon Farris
Outdoor Safety Handbook (What to do it you..). Buck Tilton
Saturated Self, The: Dilemmas of Identity in Contemporary Life Kenneth J. Gergen

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