Donate bikes and parts

One of of our focuses is to refurbish discarded bicycles and offer them at low cost to the public.

We are always on the lookout for unused, unwanted, even incomplete bicycles.  We can most readily use road bikes (10 speeds, 12speeds, 14 speeds) and coaster bikes (classic 3 speeds, or single speeds with good old reliable pedal brakes).

We can also use old bike parts, if you have some disassembled stuff (wheels, seats, bare frames, etc.)

We will not buy or trade for any bikes or parts.  As volunteers in a non-profit we don’t have a budget for buying old bikes, but more to the point, we won’t support bike theft in any manner.

If you have any parts or bikes to donate, write to, tweet at us, or simply bring it past the shop during our open hours. Please though, do not leave donations outside the shop.

Want to send us a financial donation? You can do that anytime online through Square!