bikeSauce is a DIY bike shop which means that we will teach you how to fix your bike, but we we NOT fix it for you. At bikeSauce, YOU are the mechanic. We are run entirely by donations, the goodwill of volunteers and from the support of the community.

Using our space? We ask that you please leave a donation of what you feel is appropriate based on the time you spent, the tools/grease you used, and how helpful you found your time in the space was. Donations are what keeps the lights on.

Used parts

We’ve got a huge supply of used parts to help you get your bike back in shape. Our used parts don’t have a fixed price, as they vary in quality and wear, but we try to keep it incredibly reasonable. Ask any of our volunteers to give you a cost per part. Below is only a guide for what used parts might go for.

New parts

Ww sell a small selection of affordable new parts such as tires, tubes, patches, cables, housing, brakes, locks, lights and more. Please visit us in person to see what is in stock and for prices as our supply changes significantly.

Ready-to-ride bikes

Looking for a read-to-ride bike? Each year we refurbish bikes donated to us by replacing and rebuilding all worn parts, re-greasing all components and checking to ensure the bike is in a good riding condition. Prices vary per bike depending on several factors but are all priced extremely fairly. Bikes are always being made for sale so visit often to see what’s ready. Note: We absolutely will not buy or trade parts or bikes. Full stop.

Used parts price guide

Part Price
Axles $1
Bar grips $1-2 (each)
Baskets $5-20
Bottle cage $2
Bottom bracket cups $3
Brake calipers $3-5
Brake levers $2-5 pair
Brake pads $1
Brake rotors $5
Cassettes $5-15
Chainrings $2
Crank arms $5-10
Cranksets $10-20 (complete)
Derailleurers $4 (front and rear)
fenders $3-10 each
Forks $5-30
Freewhere $3-8
Handlebars $3-10
Heatset cups $3
Hubs $5-10
Pedals $4 (pair)
Rear racks $5-20
Seat posts $3-10
Seats $2-10
Shifters $3-10 each
Stems $3-8
Tires $2-10
Tubes $1
Wheels (aluminum) $15-25
Wheels (steel) $5-10