Time for another #tooltuesday challenge

Guess what? It’s Tuesday, which means time for another #tooltuesday challenge. The answer to last week’s one was ‘seatpost sizer’. Bartek Borrowed Whiskey, you’re our winner! Find out how to use the sizer here.

Ready for this week’s challenge? Bet you can’t guess what it’s used for. 🙂



It’s a chain wear measuring tool!

Interesting fact, while people call it a chain stretch tool, there is actually no stretching taking place.…

Last week’s #tooltuesday too hard? You’ll cycle to victory with this one

Welp, looks like we stumped a lot of you with last week’s #tooltuesday. The correct we were looking for was ‘dropout alignment tool’. Find out how it works.

Ready for this week’s challenge? Here we go!


It’s a pedal wrench!

The pedal wrench is just a 15mm wrench but with a few superpowers. It’s thinner than a conventional wrench, allowing it to slip into even the smallest of gaps.…