Painting Jarvis Street

Jarvis workers

It’s here! It’s finally here! The paint has finally been put down on Jarvis Street!

The press release came out July 14, saying that the work on Jarvis was about to begin. The lights down the reversible middle lane were removed and solid yellow lines were painted to indicate to drivers that they should no longer use this infamous lane.

Unfortunately, this caused confusion for riders and drivers alike, following the fine example set by these guys.

SoDa Bikes: Ward 30 Advocacy Meeting, Tues. July 6, 7pm @ ‘Sauce

SoDa Bikes: Ward 30 Advocacy Meeting, May 2010

Want to make the streets of Ward 30 and the City a better place to bike? Have ideas of improvements to cycling infrastructure that you’d like to see implemented?

Then join the meeting on Tuesday July 6!!!

SET BUG (South East Toronto Bicycle User Group) and SoDa: Ward 30 Advocacy Group (South of Danforth) will be holding our monthly advocacy meeting at BikeSauce (717 Queen E) at 7pm.…

New Paint on the Prince Edward (Bloor) Viaduct

Have you had a chance to go for a ride over the Bloor Viaduct yet this week?  Have you seen the new, wider bikes lanes and the sharrows at the conflict zones?

Over the past 2 years or so, Ward 29 Bikes, and the bike community, have been advocating for a safer crossing for cyclists along the busy Bloor/Danforth bridge. In 2008, Ward 29 Bikes released a detailed and persuasive report: The Bloor Viaduct Safety Report.…