Harbord Street Loves Bikes (Even More than Before)

Cyclist will notice a bunch amazing improvements along Harbord Street this week.

First, there is the bike box. Bike boxes allow cyclists to “pool” in front of cars at stop lights. This is helps avoid collisions between cyclists and motor vehicles, particularly with right-turning cars. Both cyclists and motorist should love the new boxes.

Approved in April/May at City Council, this area of Toronto will see four sets of bike boxes: Harbord/Hoskin and St.…

Municipal Election Day is Monday Oct 25.


They’re here! They’re here! Municipal Elections are here, Monday October 25!!!

* Why should I vote? What are municipal issues? *
Municipal issues include: streets (including bicycle and pedestrian
infrastructure), public libraries, parks, child care, housing, community
centres, community health centres, public transit, (tap) water, garbage collection and more!!!

* Am I eligible to vote? *
You can vote in the City of Toronto municipal election if you are:
– a Canadian citizen; and
– at least 18 years old; and
– a resident of the City of Toronto; or
– a non-resident owner or tenant of land in the City of Toronto, or their spouse; and
– not prohibited from voting under any law
(More information can be found here)

* What if I’m not on the voters’ list?

‘Sauce Goes to the BIXI Launch on July 28 (and so should you)

On May 11-12, 2010, City Council passed motion PW32.8, adopting a BIXI Public Bike Share system here in Toronto. BIXI systems, born in Montreal, have already been successfully launched in several other cities, such as London, Washington and Boston.

Not too long ago, Toronto’s public bike system was in jeopardy. Cyclists, advocates, activists and citizens alike flooded councillors’ email inboxes with pleas to move ahead with the deal, a campaign lead by the Toronto Cyclists Union.…