Sauce Weekly: April 1st

No fooling! Lots of things are going on at BikeSauce and around the cycling community. Here is this week’s top news…
1. BikeSauce t-shirts are IN STOCK!
2. April Meeting
3. Call for Volunteers
4. Bike Build Wednesdays
5. The Otesha Project – Volunteer Cycling Tour
6. 2012 Cupcake Ride Schedule
7. Advocacy Updates

Sauce Weekly: March 12th

We sure hope you made it out and rode a few clicks in the beautiful sunshine on Sunday (how appropriate, eh?). Things are really going to start ramping up now that everyone has had a real taste of spring. In this week’s SauceWeekly…

1. Volunteer meeting Wednesday the 14th
2. Bon Voyage Catherine 🙁
3. Advocacy Updates