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Need a present for a bike-loving friend? Want to buy yourself a fun bike present? Then head on over to ‘Sauce!!!

We stock lots of different local, handmade, bike-related merchandise! From t-shirts, to hats, to cards, to jewelry, to u-lock holsters and more!

Handmade in Toronto:

Handmade Cards by Ailis Cournane  and Baye Hunter ($3-4).

Hand-printed T-Shirts by Tres Normale ($20).

Handmade Messenger Bag by Under the Weather ($95)  ONLY ONE LEFT!

Handmade Hats by Wear it Proud Toronto (WiPT) Original Price $30 – NOW ON SALE $15 each ($10 for Members).

Tool Pouches by Chris Brennan ($12); Chain Bracelets by Chris Brennan ($10-12); U-Lock Holsters by Y-Not Cycle ($15); ‘Sauce Flask by Anibal Davila ($20); ‘Sauce Patches by ‘Sauce ($4).   ALL CURRENTLY SOLD OUT.

Handmade Top Tube Covers by Under the Weather ($20).  SOLD OUT.

Handmade ‘Sauce Shirts by ‘Sauce (Andrew Leinonen, Joe Lee, Anibal Davila and Tamara Wise). 100% Organic Cotton, Sweat-Shop Free ($25).

I Bike T.O. T-Shirts by Biking Toronto ($20).

International Items:

Skull T-Shirt by Car Busters ($20).

Bright Idea T-Shirts by Dirt Rag Magazine/Bicycle Times Magazine ($20).

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