Sauce Weekly: March 12th

We sure hope you made it out and rode a few clicks in the beautiful sunshine on Sunday (how appropriate, eh?). Things are really going to start ramping up now that everyone has had a real taste of spring. In this week’s SauceWeekly…

1. Volunteer meeting Wednesday the 14th
2. Bon Voyage Catherine :(
3. Advocacy Updates


1. March Volunteer Meeting Wednesday
Our next Volunteer meeting is Wednesday, March 14th 7:00pm at BikeSauce. We have lots to talk about including the next steps of our renovations so if you want to have a say, please join us! Also, if you’re new to BikeSauce and are interested in learning more about volunteering this is a good time to meet some of us and ask us any questions. Hopefully we can also sneak in some bike building while everyone is at the shop!


2. Bon Voyage Catherine
Our awesome volunteer, Catherine, is heading across the pond back to England. Please join us at the shop this Saturday the 17th at 6pm where we will start our going away party for her…then we’ll all head out together for some food & drinks.


3. Advocacy Updates
Are you passionate about transforming Toronto into a bicycle-friendly city? Whether you love sparking conversations about cycling, want to get involved with growing the bike union, love hauling materials or get riled up by creating successful events, get involved and volunteer with the bike union in 2012! For more information please click here.

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