Oven Mitt Challenge!

It is often tempting for one of our vounteers to demonstrate a repair by taking the tools and doing it themselves. It is certainly faster that way, but thats now what we are here for.

So in the following weeks, you may see some bikesauce volunteers wearing oven mitts while they are helping you. this means they cant handle the tools themselves, so you will have to be extra patient with them ;)


Back from bikebike NE



Did you know theres lots of other DIY shops all over north america? its true! we spread like a good idea. Now and then, we gather in one place and exchange ideas, I just came back from a small regional gathering in Troy NY, and now im going to gush about how wonderful it was to be surrounded by other DIY-hard volunteers.

If youve had a great experience at any of TO’s DIY Shops, go and visit one next time youre in another city. Show them some love, they do it all for the same reasons. tell ‘em Sauce sent you :)