And were back!

MEC bike fest was a jaw dropping success. I have never seen so many of our citys fine volunteer bike mechanics in one place. An amazing job by our friends at the bicycle commons and MEC, and now…. we return to regular shop hours

Sauce Weekly: June 2

Hello Sauciers! T minus 2 days until the Sauce 2.0 (Re-)Launch!!! How excited are you? Because we’re pretty darn excited!

1. Sauce 2.0 (Re-)Launch Open House: June 4, 12-6pm
2. Sauce June Volunteer Meeting: June 8, 7pm
3. SoDa Bikes Advocacy Meeting: June 7, 7pm
4. Bells on Bloor: June 18, 12-2pm
5. Separated Bikeway Network Proposal: June 23
6. Toronto Bike Month! June!

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