Sauce (Bi-) Weekly: Nov. 28

Winter is here. The days are shorter, the number of cyclists on the road is fewer and the frequency of bike-related events has decreased. In keeping with winter hibernation, Sauce Weekly has become Sauce Bi-Weekly. But don’t worry too much! This still means 2 great “Sauce Weeklies” a month! Hot diggity dog!!!

1. SoDa Bikes Advocacy Meeting: Tuesday Dec 7, 7pm

2. Sauce Volunteer Meeting: Wednesday Dec 8, 7pm

3. Bike Union Member Appreciation Night at MEC: Wednesday Dec 8, 7-9pm

4. Volunteer Opportunities with the Toronto Coalition for Active Transportation: Deadline Dec 6

5. Google Bike There Directions Come to Canada!!!

6. ‘Sauce Has What You Need for Gifts This Season!

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