Harbord Street Loves Bikes (Even More than Before)

Cyclist will notice a bunch amazing improvements along Harbord Street this week.

First, there is the bike box. Bike boxes allow cyclists to “pool” in front of cars at stop lights. This is helps avoid collisions between cyclists and motor vehicles, particularly with right-turning cars. Both cyclists and motorist should love the new boxes.

Approved in April/May at City Council, this area of Toronto will see four sets of bike boxes: Harbord/Hoskin and St. George, Spadina and Harbord, College and St. George, and College and Spadina. So far, only Harbord/Hoskin and St. George has been installed:

Bike Box at Harbord/Hoskin and St George

The bike boxes come from Portland, which are slightly different from our Toronto version:

Bike Box in Portland, on Hawthorne

BikeSauce, along with Bikechain and the Transportation Sub-Committee of the Sustainability Office Advisory Board at UofT, are working together to submit recommendations on the bike boxes. Included in these recommendations are using coloured paint (like in Portland), adding a “bicycle excepted” sign to the “no right on red” and to repaint the line that marks the separation of through-traffic and left-turning traffic in the boxes. Also, we’re working on a public education campaign, where we pass out the City’s flyers to road users. Wanna join us? Then shoot us an email…

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Municipal Election Day is Monday Oct 25.


They’re here! They’re here! Municipal Elections are here, Monday October 25!!!

* Why should I vote? What are municipal issues? *
Municipal issues include: streets (including bicycle and pedestrian
infrastructure), public libraries, parks, child care, housing, community
centres, community health centres, public transit, (tap) water, garbage collection and more!!!

* Am I eligible to vote? *
You can vote in the City of Toronto municipal election if you are:
- a Canadian citizen; and
- at least 18 years old; and
- a resident of the City of Toronto; or
- a non-resident owner or tenant of land in the City of Toronto, or their spouse; and
- not prohibited from voting under any law
(More information can be found here)

* What if I’m not on the voters’ list? *
You can still vote!!! Simply go to your polling station and be sure to bring the
appropriate ID (one with a picture and signature and one with proof of Toronto address).
(A full list of acceptable IDs can be found here)

* Where do I vote? *
You must vote at the polling location closest to your place of residence. For your
polling location, visit the city website here)

* Who should I vote for? *
Well, we can’t really decide that for you. Be sure to check out the candidates for Mayor,
Councillor and School Board Trustee. There are many groups and websites dedicated to
“grading” candidates and releasing “report cards” on particular issues. Below is a list
of such websites. There are many more issues out there too; this list is not exhaustive.

- Arts (by Arts Vote Toronto)

-Public Transit (by Public Transit Coalition)

- Cycling Infrastructure and Bikes (by Toronto Cyclists’ Union):

- Environment (by Toronto Environmental Alliance (TEA)):

- Labour Issues (by Toronto and York Region Labour Council):

If you still have questions about voting, please do not hesitate to call the city at 311 (free info line).


Sauce Weekly: Oct 13

The days are getting shorter and shorter, but we will keep on riding! So we still have tons of fun things to do: meetings, parties, fundraisers, letter-writing campaigns and so much more!

1. October Volunteer Meeting: TONIGHT! Wednesday, October 13, 7pm

2.BikeSauce Fall Alleycat Race! Friday, October 22, 6pm

3. BikeSauce Party!!! Friday October 22, 9pm

4. Support BIXI Toronto — and a newcomer!

5. BIXI 1,000 Subscribers Party: Monday, October 18, 6:30pm

6. Submit TTC Comments

7. Bike Boxes are here!!!

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Sauce Weekly: Oct 6

Looks like Sauce Weekly just packed up its bags and headed out of town for awhile. And didn’t tell anyone. The nerve, right?!?!? We know… But Sauce Weekly is back today and ready for action! This week:

1. October Volunteer Meeting: Wednesday, October 13, 7pm

2. Dandyhorse Launch Party! Thursday, October 7, 8pm

3. Bike Union BIKE Drinks: Thursday, October 7, 6:30 – 8:30pm

4. BikeSauce was in Shameless Magazine!

5. BIXI 1,000 Members Party! Monday, October 18, 6:30pm

6. Elections are coming! Bike Union Releases Analysis of Candidates

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