Sauce Weekly: July 27

Yay! It’s Tuesday! And you know what that means?!?!? It’s Sauce Weekly Day!!!

1. Bike Building Blitz Party: Wednesday, July 28, 10am-6pm
2. Social Hub and Library Launch: Saturday August 7, all day long!
3. BIXI Launch Party: Wednesday, July 28, 7pm
4. Bike-In Movie Night (film TBA): Thursday, July 29, 9:30pm
5. Awesome Bike Greeting Cards by Baye Hunter @ ‘Sauce!
6. Jarvis is Now Outfitted with New Bike Lanes!

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‘Sauce Goes to the BIXI Launch on July 28 (and so should you)

On May 11-12, 2010, City Council passed motion PW32.8, adopting a BIXI Public Bike Share system here in Toronto. BIXI systems, born in Montreal, have already been successfully launched in several other cities, such as London, Washington and Boston.

Not too long ago, Toronto’s public bike system was in jeopardy. Cyclists, advocates, activists and citizens alike flooded councillors’ email inboxes with pleas to move ahead with the deal, a campaign lead by the Toronto Cyclists Union. Thankfully, the project moved ahead and now there are a few milestones to achieve before the system rolls out in May 2011. One milestone is to sign up 1,000 members before November 30, 2010.

In an effort to kick-start the pledges, the City is hosting a Bixi Launch PartyWednesday, July 28, 7pm at the Gladstone Hotel (1214 Queen West). The event will provide complimentary food and entertainment, as well as an opportunity to take a BIXI bike for a test spin!!!

Have any questions? This Q&A sheet might be able to help

Painting Jarvis Street

Jarvis workers

It’s here! It’s finally here! The paint has finally been put down on Jarvis Street!

The press release came out July 14, saying that the work on Jarvis was about to begin. The lights down the reversible middle lane were removed and solid yellow lines were painted to indicate to drivers that they should no longer use this infamous lane.

Unfortunately, this caused confusion for riders and drivers alike, following the fine example set by these guys. Cyclists were even ticketed for riding down the centre lane (even though she was taking pictures to write this post, to clarify the situation for others).

Painting the actual lines began yesterday (July 24) and continued today. The bike symbols are planned for early this week. Check out some pictures of the painting process!

See even more pictures in our Facebook Album.

So if you have any spare time, grab your bike, head to Jarvis and give the new lanes a test ride!!!

Bike Building Party at the ‘Sauce.

We take in a lot of bike donations and to all those who have donated a bike or parts or a bike in parts, thank you.  There is a lot of good bike out there looking for a little love to get back on the road.  But building bikes while trying to empower cyclists with a little DIY is too much for our volunteers to handle during open shop hours.  We also find that people who are looking for a reliable and affordable bike find our selection of ready-to-go bikes a little thin.  Add to that, we have great people coming in, looking to volunteer time to learn how to fix bikes.

The solution we have come up with is…

We are having a bike-building party.

Come by the Shop anytime after 10am on Wednesday July 28th until we tire out.  Pick out a bike to wrench on.  There will be volunteer mechanics on hand to help out.  Lonely bikes need your help.

Sauce Weekly: July 13

Another edition! Wooooooot!

1. July Volunteer Meeting: Wed. July 14, 7pm
2. Wipt Hats at ‘Sauce!
3. Help Needed: Social Space Overhaul
4. New Magazines Coming to ‘Sauce!
5. Evergreen/Bike Union Brickworks Cruiser Ride and Picnic: Sat. July 17, 5-8:30pm
6. Bike Box Update (VICTORY!!!)
7. Changes to Front St at Union Station to Accommodate Pedestrians: Submit Comments by July 27

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Wipt Hats @ ‘Sauce!

‘Sauce is so much more than just a place to fix your bike (but that in and of itself is already pretty great). We even have some awesome, local, bike-related merch for sale!!!

This week’s feature: Wipt Hats (Wear It Proud Toronto).

These hats are custom-made right here in Toronto. $30. Come on in and check ‘em out!

Sauce Weekly: July 6

Sauce Volunteers at MEC BikeFest

Behold! The first July edition of Sauce Weekly!

1. SoDa Bikes: Ward 30 Advocacy Meeting: Tonight, July 6, 7pm
2. July Volunteer Meeting: Wed July 14, 7pm
3. Bike-In Movie Night– The Mighty Boosh: Thurs, July 8, 9pm
4. Music Night @ ‘Sauce: Sat July 10, 9pm
5. Social Hub Overhaul: Volunteers NEEDED!
6. Bike Box Progress
7. MEC BikeFest Report: Great Time Had by All!!!

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SoDa Bikes: Ward 30 Advocacy Meeting, Tues. July 6, 7pm @ ‘Sauce

SoDa Bikes: Ward 30 Advocacy Meeting, May 2010

Want to make the streets of Ward 30 and the City a better place to bike? Have ideas of improvements to cycling infrastructure that you’d like to see implemented?

Then join the meeting on Tuesday July 6!!!

SET BUG (South East Toronto Bicycle User Group) and SoDa: Ward 30 Advocacy Group (South of Danforth) will be holding our monthly advocacy meeting at BikeSauce (717 Queen E) at 7pm.

Draft Agenda:

- Approve Minutes, Appoint Minute-Taker

- Update on Meeting with Councillor Paula Fletcher

- Inter-Ward Communication

-Ward 30 Bike Union Website

- Upcoming Cycling Events

- Leslie TTC Tracks / Re-build and Advocating for a Complete Street.