Gears Workshop for Volunteers

Come learn all there is to know about gears, well at least what you can absorb in an hour. The workshop will from 7pm to 8pm on Wednesday, November 19th. We will have extra bicycles to practice on if you stay for Bike Build.


If you are interested in attending, please email with your name and include gears in the message. We do ask if you are not already a volunteer, you donate a few hours after the workshop.


Properly functional brakes are essential, especially as winter approaches. Come learn about brakes Sunday, November 16th at 10am at Bike Sauce. If you are interested in attending, please email with your name and include brakes in the message. You will not be able to work on your own brakes during the workshop but are free to do so afterwards during normal hours. We do ask if you are not already a volunteer, you donate a few hours after the workshop.crash

Workshops for volunteers

Below is a list of the workshops being offered to volunteers in November.If you are interested in attending any of these workshops please email with your name and which workshop you would like to attend or sign up with a shift staffer.

Not a volunteer yet. No problem. Sign up for a workshop and volunteer for 2 hours afterwards. Ask your friendly shiftstaffer about all the benefits volunteers receive.

Nov 12, 8pm (Wednesday, after volunteer meeting) Stems, Forks, and Headsets
-Removing and servicing

Nov 15, 10am (Saturday) Bottom brackets
-General idea of how bottom brackets; why we need them on bikes (i.e. cup and cone, “bearing sandwich”)

Nov 16, 10am (Sunday) Brakes (calipers, cantilevers, v brakes)
- Learn about the different types of brake systems

Nov 19, 7pm (Wednesday) Gears
- Learn how bicycle gears work and how to set them up from start to finish.

Nov 22, Disc Brakes - Cancelled

Nov 26, 10am (Wednesday) Tire Sizing
You know your 700c, but did you know there was once a 700b and 700a? Learn how to really read tires in this short workshop.


  1. Wednesday Seminars: BikeSauce will be holding seminars every Wednesday starting at 7:00 PM for all current and prospective volunteers.
  2. Special Order: If you need parts that we do not currently have in stock, please let us know and we can order these in for you, usually within two weeks. Like all our parts, we will sell these to you at an affordable retail price to be paid when we place the order.
  3. Tweed Ride: September 20, 2014 is the Tweed Ride Toronto.  They are seeking for dapper-looking riders, so if you’re interested please sign up at All proceeds will go to Bikes Without Borders.
  4. Thanksgiving Dinner: We will be hosting a Thanksgiving dinner for all of our hard working volunteers on Friday, October 24. Our infamous Pie Andrew will make the turkey, but the rest is potluck style. If you plan on attending, please RSVP to

We moved!

A HUGE thanks to all of our incredible volunteers who helped us get settled in our shiny new shop. Come stop by and say “Hi!”


The new shop is located at 341 Broadview, on the east side just south of Gerrard.