Happy birthday to us, we’re six years old!

Happy birthday to us, we’re six years old!

6 years of bikesauce


Happy birthday to us, happy birthday to us, happy birthdaaaayyyy…..

All kidding aside, since we opened in 2010, bikeSauce has been a wacky and fun adventure and it wouldn’t have happened without the countless volunteers who have made this all happen. We started in the back of a funeral home, moved into an old barber shop, and now here we are at 341 Broadview in East Chinatown. Thank you to everyone, from volunteers of past and present, our awesome patrons and the THOUSANDS of people who have donated their goods (and time!) to make this all possible.

Here’s to year six and all the amazing things that’ll come with it.





One thought on “Happy birthday to us, we’re six years old!

  1. Kathryn Maxwell

    Hey there, Happy Birthday! I just found out about you, thank you for posting your hours. See you later today because my brakes don’t work… yikes!!

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