Pizza Wheels: book launch party!

Pizza Wheels: book launch party!

Pizza Wheels: book launch party!

On January 24 from 6-9pm, come out to party with Melissa Luk and the bikeSauce crew as she launches her new book, Pizza Wheels! Pizza Wheels is a publication about food-saving and people met on this arduous and futile food-saving quest. A year and a quarter in the making, come out and take a gander at these books and celebrate at last! This is also a farewell party so come say bye bye bye.

A copy of the book will be in the permanent collection of the bike shop’s library for those unable to make the launch and for future viewings.

There will be food by Andrea Manica, Alex and Pie Andrew! Bring a snack or drink to share too if desired.

My baptist-upbringing of many church potlucks combined with my current need to save money, combined with my sometimes social isolation,  makes me specifically interested in this event [Pizza Wheels book launch].” – T. D.

About the author

Melissa Luk is a sometimes artist interested in exploring themes of the 3 R’s, autonomy and banality.  Preferring to create ephemeral and social practice works her projects include activities such as painting on walls, learning/teaching, homesteading and supporting art happenings.  She graduated from the Ontario College of Art and Design University in 2012.

Melissa Luk, artist and author

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