January update!


bikeSauce will be closed from January 23 to January 31 in order to take care of some major renovations. What does this mean?

  • During renovation period, there will be no access to the shop to work on your bike or shop for parts. Sorry! 🙁
  • if you’d like to help us out, there’s a laundry list of items we need done from sorting items, building shelving, putting down new flooring, massive cleaning and painting! Send us an message at info@bikesauce.org
  • If would like to cook during the renovations (YUM!) or have things for donation, let us know in the comments or email info@bikesauce.org


On Sunday January 24 we’ll be hosting a book launch! More details to be announced shortly!


We got a huge amount of feedback on the types of workshops you’d like to see. We’ve got things in motion, so expect an announcement soon regarding workshop dates in February.


The bikeSauce volunteer meeting is next Wednesday (January 20). We’re gonna be talking about reno, shop stuff and some wicked events we’re working on. You should totally come (there’s also going to be food)! Meeting starts at 7:30.