Time for another #tooltuesday challenge

Time for another #tooltuesday challenge

Guess what? It’s Tuesday, which means time for another #tooltuesday challenge. The answer to last week’s one was ‘seatpost sizer’. Bartek Borrowed Whiskey, you’re our winner! Find out how to use the sizer here.

Ready for this week’s challenge? Bet you can’t guess what it’s used for. 🙂



It’s a chain wear measuring tool!

Interesting fact, while people call it a chain stretch tool, there is actually no stretching taking place. A chain is constructed of plates, pins, rollers and bushing. Over time, the spacing between links increases as the pins and bushings wear away, increasing the distance between the chain’s rollers.

When the roller’s distance increases, the chain will begin to ride higher on the sprockets until it begins to eventually skip. If you leave a worn chain for too long, you’ll also do damage to your sprockets (chain ring in the front and freewheel/cassette in the rear).


To measure your chain wear, you place one end of the tool between the links, pull the chain taut, and let the other end of the tool drop between the plates.

You’ll notice that it’s marked with several units of scale. The more severe the chain wear, the deeper the gauge will fall into the chain. If it hits 75% or higher, it’s time to change it.


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