We’ve got a winner and a new #tooltuesday challenge!

WOW, what an awesome response! Thank you everyone for playing #tooltuesday last week. The correct answer we were looking for was ‘chainbreaker’.

OK. Last week we gave you an easy one, but this week it’s gonna be a real challenge as it’s a home-made tool. Content closes next Tuesday and as before, responses can be made on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or in the comments below and you can only guess once each week. Y’all ready? What’s this tool?!?!?!

photograph of a tool for #tooltuesday


It’s a dropout alignment tool!




Yup. The tool is actually just an axle we cut in half. You install it into your dropout like how you’d install a wheel but because of the split, it allows you to visually see if the fork is straight or bent. If it’s straight the axle will be perfectly straight. If it’s bent, it’ll be out of alignment. To fix the bent dropout, you can then simply grab the axle with your hands and coerce it so that it’s straight. Easy!

the dropout tool in use

The winner of an awesome bikeSauce sticker AND patch kit is Kevin! Congrats! Swing past the shop sometime to claim your prize.