#tooltuesday is back!

#tooltuesday is back!

And we’re back! The answer to our challenge from two weeks ago* was ‘pedal wrench’ . Justin Phan, you’re our winner! Find out how the pedal wrench works here.

This week’s challenge consists of two tools that often work hand-in-hand to complete a certain task. What are they? You got till next Tuesday to guess!


*we sorta forgot to post a new challenge last week… Sorry! 😿



It’s a crank puller and crank arm socket wrench!

Note: These tools are only used for removing your conventional square taper bottom brackets. If you got something fancy like an external Hollowtech unit or a BB30 for example, you will need different tools.


1. Place the crank wrench’s 14mm socket or the 8mm hex (depending on the bolt type) on the bolt that holds the crank in place and remove it (lefty-loosey)


2. Unscrew the crank pullers wider section and then screw it into the crank arm.
3. Screw the crank pullers inner bolt (righty-tighty) inwards until you feel resistance, then continue turning.


4. Tada! Crank arm is removed. Unscrew the puller’s outer section to separate it from the crank arm.

3 thoughts on “#tooltuesday is back!

  1. Adam d.

    Crank wrench and a crank puller! Essential for swapping out cranks or getting at your bottom bracket.

  2. Andrew H.

    Is it a chain whip and freewheel remover? If that’s not enough, how bout a knuckle buster, aka a adjustable wrench?

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