Let’s play a game called ‘#tooltuesday’

Let’s play a game called ‘#tooltuesday’

Let’s play a game called ‘#tooltuesday’

Let’s play a game called ‘#tooltuesday’. The game is simple. Every Tuesday we’ll post a photo of a tool that’s commonly used at bikeSauce and you need to tell us what the tool is called and explain how it’s used. We’ll draw a name from all the correct responses and announce the winner during the following week’s #tooltuesday.

Prize! Yes, we’re gonna have prizes… but we haven’t really figured that part out just yet. Bragging rights are worth their weight in gold though. wink emoticon

Responses can be made on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or in the comments below and you can only guess once each week.

Ready? Here’s our first tool (it’s an easy one!)

Photo of a tool for #tooltuesday


It’s a chainbreaker!

To use the tool, place the chain over the shelf so that the chain pins are parallel with the blue handle. Be sure to place the chain so that one end is wedged between the end of the tool and that little sliver plate at the bottom.

image of a chainbreaker being used to remove the pin of a bike chain

The trick with the chainbreaker is to push the pin far enough so that it clears the inner links, but not so far that it falls off the outer links.

The winner of an awesome bikeSauce sticker AND patch kit is Bob Ludique! Congrats! Swing past the shop sometime to claim your prize.

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