Sauce Weekly: July 4

Sauce Weekly: July 4

Hot hot hot! In this week’s burning hot Sauce Weekly:

1. Save Jarvis (and other) bikelanes! ACTION before July 12
2. Volunteer Meeting: Wed July 13, 7pm
3. Report from BikeFest 2011


1. Save Jarvis (and other) bikelanes! ACTION before July 12

On July 12/13, City Council will be voting on the proposal to remove the Jarvis Street bikelanes!

There seems to be no justification for removing the lanes on Jarvis. A staff report shows no significant impact on traffic flow, with no considerable increases to commute times for motorized traffic. An updated traffic count also indicates that motor vehicle volumes have stayed the same on Jarvis, while cycling volumes have tripled!

It appears as if the lanes on Jarvis are working great for all road users, and thus there is no justification (besides a purely political move) to remove the lanes. In fact, the lane removal would be wasteful spending of citizen’s money.

You can help ensure that our safety on Jarvis is not compromised by taking one of the following quick and effective actions:

1- Call and email Mayor Rob Ford: 416.397.FORD,
2- Call and email your local Councillor. Not sure who your Councillor is? Check the Bike Union’s handy list.
3- Sign the Bike Union’s Petition.
4- Join the Bike Union’s Save Jarvis! Team by contacting They’re looking for volunteers who can flyer the bikelane on week day mornings, gather testimonials, pictures, video and connect with cyclists who use the bike lane.
5- Attend the City Council meeting on July 12/13, where Councillors will be debating and voting on the lane removal. Let’s show City Council how important these lanes are to us!

There are also other lane removals proposed for July 12/13. These include:
1. Dupont St east of Landsdowne
2. Bloor St West, from Mill Road to Meamish (previously approved but not yet installed)
3. Pharmacy Ave, from Denton to Alvinstone
4. Birchmount Rd, from Kingston Rd to St. Clair Ave E.
5. Rogers Rd near Bronco Ave between the hours of 8 am to 4pm to be used for on-street parking

See the Toronto Coalition for Active Transportation website for more information on these lanes.

You can save these lanes too by following actions 1-5 above.

2. Volunteer Meeting: Wed July 13, 7pm

As always, we’ll be having our Volunteer Meeting on the 2nd Wednesday of the month:

Sauce Volunteer Meeting
Wednesday, July 13, 7pm
Sauce (235 Broadview Ave)

We will be refining our operations at the new space, a report back from the July City Council meeting, and more! Be sure to come out and join the fun!

3. Report from BikeFest 2011

MEC BikeFest was held in the Distillery District on Saturday, July 25. And what a day it was! Along with Bicycle Commons, Bike Pirates, Community Bicycle Network and more, Sauce helped wrench over 190 bikes! We also collected over 150 signatures on the Bike Union’s petition to expand BIXI. And, let’s be honest, the day was just plain fun!!!

We’re already looking forward to BikeFest 2012!

Check out some pictures from the day here.

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