The Big Sauce Move, Sauce 2.0 Launch and Open House, and Calls for Help!

The Big Sauce Move, Sauce 2.0 Launch and Open House, and Calls for Help!

As you all know, we’re getting ready to open up our new shop. There is plenty to get done in the next few weeks and we won’t be able to do it without you!!!

Here’s the time-line and associated calls for help:

Sunday, May 8, 12:30 pm:
There is a big pile of building materials in the back room of Sauce North, and we have a truck coming to take it away. So please come help us load the junk at 12:30 tomorrow (Sunday)! We had six people come out the first time we did this, it took about an hour.

Sunday, May 8 – Friday, May 13:
Packing up 717 Queen East. As of Monday, we’ll be doing repairs out of the new (North) location. At the South location we will need help all week packing up books, tools, parts, merch, etc. We will also need help sorting donated bikes, stripping, and (a bit of) building.

Saturday, May 14, 12-7pm (The Big Sauce Move):
The new Sauce at 235 Broadview Ave is almost up and running! Now we just need to move all of our stuff up to the new location.

So grab your bike, grab a trailer and load it full of tools, bike parts, books and furniture!

We will leave with the first load at 2pm, so please arrive early to get your trailer all stocked and ready to go. We’ll leave together and caravan from Queen to Dundas. 

This is guaranteed to be epic!!!

Help us get even more volunteers by RSVPing to our facebook event and invite your friends!

Sunday, May 15 – Friday, June 3:
By Sunday, May 15, we will have all our stuff at the new location and we’ll need help unpacking, organizing and putting on the finishing touches! We will also need our regular help to guide and advise our DIY drop-ins. So come on by during our regular hours to help wrench or help us get ready for our Launch!

If you have any time to help with the Launch and Open House (flyers, media, planning the refreshments/coffee, etc), please email me at

Saturday, June 4, 12-6pm (Sauce 2.0 Launch and Open House):
Sauce is making a big move forward: from the back garage of a funeral home to the storefront of an old barber shop!

Come on out and help celebrate the launch of the new space! 

12 noon: Ribbon Cutting (or chain breaking, like the last launch?)
12 – 6pm: Open House

Stop on in anytime between 12 noon and 6pm for our open house. Take a peek at our new location, figure out where the tools and books will now be found, and grab a cup of coffee from our new coffee bar!

Help us make this event massive by RSVPing to our facebook event and invite all your friends!

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