Sauce (Bi-) Weekly: March 8

Sauce (Bi-) Weekly: March 8

Proposed Separated Bikelane Network

Behold! Another Sauce Weekly, now including:

1. Sauce Volunteer Meeting: Wed March 9, 7pm
2. Sauce Cafe: Free Coffee and Free Wifi!
3. Complete Streets Forum: April 28-29
4. Controversy!!! Separated Bike Lanes in Toronto?


1. Sauce Volunteer Meeting: Wed March 9, 7pm

Tomorrow (March 9) is our March Volunteer Meeting. Help Sauce get ready for Spring! Come on out to the meeting to hear reports, offer your insights, and volunteer for Sauce tasks/events!

Draft Agenda:
1. One Year Anniversary Party
2. Calls for Volunteers:
2.1 Flyer blitz before the snow melts
2.2 Source free coffee (we lost our Te Aero sponsorship)
3. Reports:
3.1 Wednesday Bike Builds
3.2 Front Access to 717 Queen E
3.3 Front Desk / Retail Area Reorganization
4. Advocacy:
4.1 Separated Bikelanes: Where does Sauce stand?
4.2 Bike Month Cancelled
4.3 Leslie Street/Ashbridges Bay Report
4.4 Complete Streets Forum (April 28-29)
5. Save the Dates! (upcoming events)
6. Bike Week (week of May 9) and Youth Bike Summit (May 12)
7. Any Other Business

2. Sauce Cafe: Free Coffee and Free Wifi!

A reminder that Sauce has a “cafe” / lounge / social space! You can come on by any time we’re open to hang out, read some books from our library, meet bike-y people, and take advantage of our free coffee and wifi! You can event book the space for your community meetings and events! If you have any questions, just email: michelle (at)


3. Complete Streets Forum: April 28-29

The Toronto Coalition for Active Transportation has officially opened registration for the 2011 Complete Streets Forum, to be held in Toronto on April 28 – 29.

The theme this year is “Building Alliances”, an important topic in advocacy and advocacy research — and even more important in our current municipal political climate! You can check out the amazingly wonderful list of speakers here.


4. Controversy!!! Separated Bike Lanes in Toronto?

There is a proposal coming to City Hall to create physically separated bikelanes on Harbord/Hoskin, John, Richmond, Adelaide, and St. George/Beverley.

The Bike Union supports the initiative, while Councillor Adam Vaughan does not (all of these routes run through Vaughan’s Ward). And the whole issue has really sparked some debate on many blogs, such as I Bike T.O..

Where should Bike Sauce stand on this issue? Either come out to our Volunteer Meeting on March 8 to join the discussion, or email michelle (at) with your thoughts.


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