Sauce (Bi-) Weekly: Nov. 28

Winter is here. The days are shorter, the number of cyclists on the road is fewer and the frequency of bike-related events has decreased. In keeping with winter hibernation, Sauce Weekly has become Sauce Bi-Weekly. But don’t worry too much! This still means 2 great “Sauce Weeklies” a month! Hot diggity dog!!!

1. SoDa Bikes Advocacy Meeting: Tuesday Dec 7, 7pm


Sauce Weekly: Nov. 6

Behold! The first Sauce Weekly of November!!!

1. Winter Cycling Seminar: Tuesday Nov 9, 7pm

2. Sauce Volunteer Meeting: Wednesday Nov 10, 7pm

3. Vote for BikeSauce for Best Bike Repair on Blog TO

4. Harbord Loves Bikes (Even More than Before)

5. Sauce Submits Comments to Ministry of Environment on Ashbridges Bay Environmental Report…