Harbord Street Loves Bikes (Even More than Before)

Cyclist will notice a bunch amazing improvements along Harbord Street this week.

First, there is the bike box. Bike boxes allow cyclists to “pool” in front of cars at stop lights. This is helps avoid collisions between cyclists and motor vehicles, particularly with right-turning cars. Both cyclists and motorist should love the new boxes.

Approved in April/May at City Council, this area of Toronto will see four sets of bike boxes: Harbord/Hoskin and St. George, Spadina and Harbord, College and St. George, and College and Spadina. So far, only Harbord/Hoskin and St. George has been installed:

Bike Box at Harbord/Hoskin and St George

The bike boxes come from Portland, which are slightly different from our Toronto version:

Bike Box in Portland, on Hawthorne

BikeSauce, along with Bikechain and the Transportation Sub-Committee of the Sustainability Office Advisory Board at UofT, are working together to submit recommendations on the bike boxes. Included in these recommendations are using coloured paint (like in Portland), adding a “bicycle excepted” sign to the “no right on red” and to repaint the line that marks the separation of through-traffic and left-turning traffic in the boxes. Also, we’re working on a public education campaign, where we pass out the City’s flyers to road users. Wanna join us? Then shoot us an email…

BikeSauce at work on a Bike Box Public Education Campaign

At the time of writing this post, signs for the bike box at Harbord and Spadina were being installed. According to the workers on the site, the paint should hit the intersection on Monday.

And what else is new with Harbord? There are now sharrows along the Harbord Street Gap, some of which are painted right on top of the fine work by the Urban Repair Squad:

Sharrows over Urban Repair Squad

Line over Urban Repair Squad. Bike Lane???

(Side note: not everyone is a fan of these sharrows)

There are chevrons through some of the busy intersections:

Chevrons through busy intersections

There are doted lines showing the outline of the bike lane through other intersections:

Dotted Lines Through Intersections

And do you see all those zebra stripes at pedestrian crossings? Pretty awesome, right?

And, believe it or not, there is even more paint on its way to the busy intersection of Harbord/Hoskin and St. George. Today there was pre-striping, so the paint will probably hit the pavement within a few days:

Harbord/Hoskin and St. George Pre-Striping

And funnily enough, there are a few mistakes out there with all that new paint. Like this triathlon/polo bike, and this not-so-complete chevron:

Sharrow Mistake. Triathlon/Polo Bike Lanes?

Incomplete Chevron

More photos of the installations and results of the Harbord Street improvements can be found in our facebook album.

Harbord Street is quickly becoming the most bicycle-friendly street in Toronto. Here’s to hoping that many more streets in our City will grow up someday to be just like Harbord!