Bike-In Movie Night (B.I.K.E.): Thursday August 19, 9:30pm

And the tradition continues!!! Someone picks a fun movie, we haul out the chairs into the driveway, we project the movie on to the wall outside, and tada! You have an awesome Thursday night…

What’s on this week’s bill? B.I.K.E., the amazing documentary drama about how two film makers infiltrate an underground bicycle club.

Thursday, August 19, 9:30pm (ish), @ ‘Sauce (717 Queen E)…

Wifi for everyone!

At long last, free wifi for all!

After a spectacular launch for the revamped Social Hub, we have unleashed free internet! bring your laptop. check out the new space.

Also: if you are good at setting up networks, come help us set up more routers to fling our network wider. write to: wrench[at]

BikeSauce Social Hub and Library Launch (Rides, Races and Parties — Oh My!!!)

One more sleep! The events are tomorrow!!!

Over the past few weeks, we Sauciers have been hard at work overhauling the lounge. Now it’s time to celebrate!

The newly renovated social hub has coffee, art and free wireless internet. The sustainable transportation advocacy centre and library boasts fully-stocked shelves with books and ‘zines on all sorts of cycling, civic engagement and Toronto history.…