‘Sauce Goes to the BIXI Launch on July 28 (and so should you)

On May 11-12, 2010, City Council passed motion PW32.8, adopting a BIXI Public Bike Share system here in Toronto. BIXI systems, born in Montreal, have already been successfully launched in several other cities, such as London, Washington and Boston.

Not too long ago, Toronto’s public bike system was in¬†jeopardy. Cyclists, advocates, activists and citizens alike flooded councillors’ email inboxes with pleas to move ahead with the deal, a campaign lead by the Toronto Cyclists Union. Thankfully, the project moved ahead and now there are a few milestones to achieve before the system rolls out in May 2011. One milestone is to sign up 1,000 members before November 30, 2010.

In an effort to kick-start the pledges, the City is hosting a Bixi Launch Party! Wednesday, July 28, 7pm at the Gladstone Hotel (1214 Queen West). The event will provide complimentary food and entertainment, as well as an opportunity to take a BIXI bike for a test spin!!!

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