Bike Building Party at the ‘Sauce.

Bike Building Party at the ‘Sauce.

We take in a lot of bike donations and to all those who have donated a bike or parts or a bike in parts, thank you.  There is a lot of good bike out there looking for a little love to get back on the road.  But building bikes while trying to empower cyclists with a little DIY is too much for our volunteers to handle during open shop hours.  We also find that people who are looking for a reliable and affordable bike find our selection of ready-to-go bikes a little thin.  Add to that, we have great people coming in, looking to volunteer time to learn how to fix bikes.

The solution we have come up with is…

We are having a bike-building party.

Come by the Shop anytime after 10am on Wednesday July 28th until we tire out.  Pick out a bike to wrench on.  There will be volunteer mechanics on hand to help out.  Lonely bikes need your help.

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