Sauce Weekly: June 29

Hello! Another fine edition of Sauce Weekly, packed with important announcements!

1. URGENT Call for Action: Bike Lanes on John Street! Send the City an email before Thursday, July 1
2. ‘Sauce Bike-In Movie Screening (Infamy): Thursday July 1, 9pm
3. SoDa Bikes: Ward 30 Advocacy Meeting: Tuesday, July 6, 7pm
4. MEC Bikefest: Saturday July 3
5. New Sauce Shirts Now Available!…

Sauce Weekly: June 22

Hello again, you fine Sauciers!

In this week’s Sauce Weekly:

1. ‘Sauce Bike-In Movie Screening (RiP: Remix Manifesto): Thurs June 24, 9pm
2. Otesha Bike Tour Fundraiser Show: Wed June 23, 8pm
3. MEC Bikefest: Saturday July 3
4. Great News! Sauce is Awarded a MEC Access and Activities Grant!
5. Found: Biking Toronto Blogger for Sauce
6. Sauce hits the Sauce, vol.…

New Paint on the Prince Edward (Bloor) Viaduct

Have you had a chance to go for a ride over the Bloor Viaduct yet this week?  Have you seen the new, wider bikes lanes and the sharrows at the conflict zones?

Over the past 2 years or so, Ward 29 Bikes, and the bike community, have been advocating for a safer crossing for cyclists along the busy Bloor/Danforth bridge. In 2008, Ward 29 Bikes released a detailed and persuasive report: The Bloor Viaduct Safety Report.…

Sauce Weekly: June 15

Wow! Another edition of Sauce Weekly!!! What’s in store for Sauciers in the next few weeks:

1. Volunteer Meeting: Wed June 16, 7pm
2. Button Punching Party: Sunday June 20, 2-5pm
3. Wanted: Biking TO Blogger for Sauce
4. Sauce hits the Sauce, volume 2: Saturday June 26 (save the date)
5. Otesha Bike Tour Fundraiser Show: Wed June 23, 8pm