Volunteer meeting

BikeSauce – Toronto’s newest bike org – is having a volunteer meeting Wednesday, February 10th. We’re going to be opening a DIY space + socialspace in the Spring and need more hands getting started. If you’re into bikes, bicycle advocacy or community building…, this is a great opportunity to work to launch a new organization. We’ll be meeting at our temporary shop space in Kensington Market.

Finding the the location can be tough, so come to the corner of St. Andrewand Kensington at 6:45 and a Sauce volunteer will show you where the meeting is, just a few yards away.

Those of you who have already been building bikes know the way.

And thanks to all current and future volunteers, Bike Sauce is growing, and it’s……..beautiful!

For more information, contact us at volunteer@bikesauce.org, bikesauce.org